The project “iRadar”

iradarLocating and measuring low-volume items in the subsurface is a common task, not only in the cadastral survey and land consolidation, but also in other areas such as archeology. It is usually operated an immense effort to find the objects located in the subsurface of various shapes and then record in true to the original position. The associated time required to find and expose the objects or the risk of unintended, irreversible change in position or destruction in this process would be reduced decide if there was a suitable 3D subsurface model and measurement system, which would allow a non-destructive measurement. For efficient and economical use would be an accurate position detection and a rapid workflow in the field of major importance, so that will be taken place before the first decisions.

The goal

Modell und MessaufbauThe aim of this project “Construction of a non-destructive 3D subsurface measurement system with precise position determination by GPS” – funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of the AIF (Industrial Cooperative Research Associations “Otto von Guericke”) under the program ProInno II – was the construction of a device, which the existing systems ground-penetrating radar and GPS connects with each other so that a reliable detection of high-precision surveying and 3D imaging of defined objects, such as landmarks in the background can be performed.


The results of this project was shown that in principle allow model, processes and measurement system is a recognition of landmarks or more visible objects. The success depends largely on factors such as soil moisture, object size, degree of inhomogeneity of the soil and surface conditions from the site. For a reliable and economic use in the search for the boundary markers of the use of multiple antennas coupled is generally recommended. The additional use of alternative and complementary component of the ground-penetrating radar, sensors must be checked to enable such a measurement at higher soil moisture.